Purchase and Lease of Real Estate Properties in Brazil by Foreigners

January 2020


It is currently on debate in the National Congress of Brazil the Bill no. 2.963/19, which scope is the regulation on the acquisition, possession and registration of rural real estate properties by foreigners. 

Brazil´s Bill on Abuse of Authority and the Online Bank Account Attachments

October 19


A local Court of Justice in the countryside of Paraná State, Brazil, has recently passed an act communicating that, from January 2020 onward, it will no longer issue any order requesting online bank accounts attachments. The decision was based, amongst other considerations, on the Federal Law no. 13.869/2019 (Bill on Abuse of Authority), issued on September 5th, 2019, that will enter into force in January 2020.

The period for the information of Foreign
Direct Investment to BACEN expires on March 31st, 2019

March 02 


We inform that the period for the companies that have received foreign investment in the modality RDE-IED (Electronic Declaratory Register - Foreign Direct Investment) to update their positions of investment in the system of Brazilian Central Bank expires on March 31st.

The current issue regarding the lack of quorum in cade's court

August 19


The Administrative Council of Economic Defense (“CADE”) is a federal agency linked to the Ministry of Justice, and is the body responsible for authorizing the merger and acquisition of large companies and for punishing predatory pricing practices, abusive pricing, tie-in sales and especially cartel formations.

Corruption within private companies

November 09 - Anne-Catherine Brunschwig and Christina de Aguiar Barbosa


The Brazilian law provides that corruption is only constituted in case of an act committed against public administration, thus involving, consequently, administrative officers. However, the corruption within the private sector is one of the most concerning current issues for the business community. Indeed, this particular type of corruption is as serious and existent for the companies as the corruption involving public administration.

Labor reform in Brazil. What changes?

July 28, 2017 - Thomas Jefferson Fowler


It was today (07.14.2017), on the Official Gazette of the Federal Executive, the publication of the law nº 13.467/2017. This law alters more than 100 subjects on the current Consolidated Labor Laws (CLT), allowing, among others changes, that the agreement between the employer and employees  prevail over the current legislation.

The Provisional Measure No. 892

August 07


The Provisional Measure No. 892 (“PM 892”) was published on August 6th, 2019 by the Government, which alters the writing of the article 289 of Law No. 6.404/1976 (“Corporation Law”) that established the legal obligation of the companies to publish the financial statements on the Official Federal Journal and other newspaper of wide circulation

Capitais Brasileiros no Exterior (CBE) Statement

March 02 


We inform that the deadline to the Brazilian Funds Abroad (Capitais Brasileiros Exterior - CBE) annual statement has begun on February 15thand shall end on April 5th, 2019, at 6 p.m., according to the Circular number 3.624/2013 of the Brazilian Central Bank. 

Tamy Tanzilli, invited to the São Paulo French Executive Women’s debate at the Residence of the Consul of France

May 02, Julie Bélizon, for the FEW’s Team


The São Paulo French Executive Women is the professional network of French active women in Brazil who aim to boost their career. Its mission is to promote professional exchanges by being an accessible and solid network. Created recently by four professional women from different backgrounds, the network has 140 members who are now called "FEW".

Brazilian Labor Reform: Reshaping the Employer–Employee Relationship

December 2017

On November 11, 2017, major reforms to Brazil's labor laws took effect (Law No. 13,467/2017). Against the backdrop of high unemployment rates, Brazilian legislators passed a set of modernized laws that update the Consolidation of Labor Laws (Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho, in Portuguese).
Corporate Obligations

mars 26, 2018 - GTLawyers


The Brazilian Civil Code and the Brazilian Corporation Law set forth the obligation to hold a partners/shareholders' meeting, at least once a year, in the four months following the end of the fiscal year.

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