Our team has solid experience in arbitral proceedings, high complexity and high value judicial lawsuits, besides administrative proceedings. 

The litigation practice is focused in attending national and foreign companies, with professionals that are driven by the excellency in the technical side. Our practice encompasses different markets and industries niches, with customers in the most different economic fields, which grants experience in demands involving commercial disputes, consumer law, corporate disputes, diversified real estate matters, environmental matters, judicial recovery and bankruptcy, collection in general and civil liability.

We have broad experience in demands involving automobile law, whether in cases involving consumers versus manufactures and/or dealers, especially in demands under Ferrari Law (Federal Law 6.729/79) dealing about discussions between manufacturers and dealers – in this case with the granting of judicial/arbitral decisions regarded as paradigm in such cases. Still, our team provides consultation and legal opinions in civil matters, with focus to avoid new judicial liabilities, besides trying to understand our customers business. In the same way, we advise our clients in negotiation and pre-litigation phase, offering alternatives to avoid administrative and/or judicial lawsuits.

Leading Partner


GTLawyers’ public law team advice clients in judicial proceedings (lawsuits), arbitrations and administrative proceedings, with main practice in the following areas:

  • Public tenders and Administrative agreements: technical support in public tenders proceedings, as well as during the execution of administrative agreements. Practice in lawsuits that aim at the acknowledgement of rights and the correction of administrative decisions regarded as illegal in matters of public tenders and administrative agreements;
  • Public finance court: acting in proceedings that progress towards public finance courts;
  • Administrative dishonesty: clients representation involved in lawsuits regarding administrative dishonesty.