Under the coordination of the partners Tamy Tanzilli, Anne-Catherine Brunschwig and Carolina Moresco, GTLawyers’ practice of Corporate Law / M&A encompasses, notably:

  • Incorporation of business companies, associations and foundations;
  • Corporate structuring regarding cross-border transactions croos-border;
  • Advice in M&A restructuring, assets deals, mergers, spin-off and take overs, joint ventures incorporation, special partnership companies;
  • Legal due diligence, whether or not linked to company mergers;
  • Outsourcing of internal management of contracts and corporate acts, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating business agreements of high and low complexity, draft of corporate acts and preventive advising; 
  • Advice in corporate matters in general, legal guidance in management and participation in general meetings, management administrative body meetings and others counsels, including tax counsel;
  • Coordination and execution of registers towards the Brazilian Central Bank, including long-term investments and financial operations registers.

Leading Partners


Our paralegal team has the necessary expertise to proceed with the most different filings towards governmental authorities, including, among others:

  • Records and filings towards São Paulo State Board of Trade and other different States of the federation (incorporation, amendment and liquidation of companies, filing of corporate acts and corporate documents, register of books and receipt of certificates towards the Board of Trade in general);
  • Procurement, update and cancel of records towards federal, state and municipal public agencies, including, among others, the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service (CPF/CNPJ), state and municipal bureau of treasury affairs (state and municipal register) and INSS (Social Security);
  • Environmental and operational licenses;
  • Receipt of certificates in general;
  • Fulfillment of declaration of final beneficiary;
  • Fulfillment of legal publications.